Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a.....

...healthy baby! We're happy to report that everything looks great with baby. I do have to have another ultrasound so the doctor can take another look at the heart as baby's spine was facing out making it hard to get a good shot of the heart.  So, we'll get another peek in a month!

During the ultrasound the doctor commented "that probably looks familiar..."

And I thought this would be an appropriate treat to celebrate.

We can't wait to meet you sweet baby BOY!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, John!

I can't believe it's been a year since this little guy was born! I've been terrible about keeping ye old blog up to date on his milestones and such. The least I can do is write up a special post to mark one year!

What a sweet and easy baby John was. He slept in 4-hour chunks from day one, and oh how glorious that was!
He has loved Joseph from the moment he was able to track with his eyes (and probably even before that!). There was so much fun to be had watching his brother dart from one place to another.
Those beautiful blue eyes stop people in their tracks all the time.
John has always been a happy baby as well. He never cried very much and gives plenty of smiles!
John loves his daddy so much! Every time Will opens his arms for a hug John runs to him for a hug. 
John also loves to wrestle with his brother and is already pretty tough for a 1-year-old. He seems to only whine/cry after Joseph has been sitting on him for a while and he can't wriggle away.
John loves to eat, but can be a bit picky about what he eats. I've learned to give him his vegetables first and to make sure he finishes them before he even sees the rest of his meal. He loves meat and potatoes - just like his daddy (can you tell?).
Just recently John has started pointing and babbling more. He seems to be having conversations with himself, and I'm pretty sure he's convinced we can understand what he's saying when he babbles to us.
John is definitely a bit more reserved than Joseph was, but still loves to be around people and is fairly independent. He loves playing with his brother and trying to keep up with everything he does. 
Just recently John started to point at pictures in books. It's so sweet to see. He also recently learned to wave - which is perfectly adorable.
Each night before bed I read him his bedtime story. When we get to the part about mommy and daddy giving kisses I give him some kisses on his cheek and sometimes he leans his head back, opens his mouth and tries to give me a kiss back. I almost die from cuteness overload every time he does that!

There's so much to love all rolled up in one cute bundle! Happy 1st birthday, John! We love you!!!