Tuesday, April 22, 2014

He Is Risen!

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed a relaxing day where we went to the 7:30am mass (in order to avoid crowds and meltdowns). After Palm Sunday mass we decided that the 7:30 am mass was our best bet for remaining in good spirits with the boys. It did mean us waking up earlier than usual and getting the boys up and fed earlier than usual, but John almost always wakes up in a good mood. And we prepped Joseph the night before explaining that we would be getting up early to go to mass. He seemed amenable and the morning went smoothly.

After mass we came home. The boys got to check out their Easter baskets and have an egg hunt while breakfast/brunch was in the oven. I also *tried* to get some pictures of the boys, but mostly failed at that (thanks to a very active 14-month-old).
Easter baskets
This was my attempt to get each of the boys to stand behind their basket.
Joseph loved all the stuff in his basket. John loved the grass.
"Wook 'a my eggs!"

This is the best picture I got of the two of them :)
Will even tried to help, but was only minimally successful.
After Easter baskets and the egg hunt we had a breakfast of quiche and cinnamon rolls. We then spent most of the day playing and relaxing with the boys. I also did a little prep work for dinner.
We had a couple friends (who also don't have family in town) over for Easter dinner.
We had a lovely dinner and the kids had a ball playing together.
After dinner I convinced all my boys to get back into their Easter best (minus shoes for all and jewelry for me) for a little family photo (as we now had someone to take our picture). It was, again, difficult to get a good one of all of us. But a couple of them turned out well.

I can't decide which one I like better - John is downright frowning in the first picture, but Joseph's arm is in the way in the second picture. If only I knew how to use photo shop :)

I hope you, too, had a blessed and holy Easter filled with people you love and lots of chocolate!

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Spring!

We've been busy enjoying spring and watching the boys grow. Most of these stories and pictures are from a month or two ago. I have lots more to share - hopefully soon! - but I'll start with these. Enjoy :)

The first really nice day of spring. Yay for park days!
Joseph has been interested in money and where it comes from ever since a recent trip to the bank. These two conversations happened in the same night.

As Will walks in the door coming home from work.
Joseph: Hi, daddy! Where you been?
Will: At work.
Joseph: Why?
Will: To make money for the family.
Joseph: Ooooh! Wike mommy?

"This is mommy's vacuum..." "Oooooh! I see. How interesting."
At dinner:
Joseph: Daddy work at monies?
Will: Daddy works for money.
Joseph: Oooooh! Daddy works five money.
I'm a "fun mom"... on occasion.
See? So. Much. Fun!
I spent many months stressing about and planning for potty training. I had made minimal attempts to potty train Joseph in the past, but had been unsuccessful. With the arrival of baby #3 only months away I knew it was time to just bite the bullet and do it. To my great surprise and delight it went much smoother than I anticipated.
The first couple days Joseph was pretty upset that I wouldn't put a diaper on him. And at least one time he sat on the changing table crying for a diaper. But his requests for diapers waned, and by day 4 or 5 he was on board and was saying "we're all done wiff diapers, wight mommy?"
Within about a week Joseph wasn't having any accidents and often wakes up dry from both naps and night time sleep! Woohoo! I was a little wary of using treats to coax the potty training process along, but it definitely worked and he rarely asks for them anymore (only 2 weeks since we started).

John loves when I sweep. I think it's one of his favorite things to do - watch me sweep. He especially likes to squat over the dirt pile and search for treasures. I wish I had a picture of it, but every time it happens I'm - you know - sweeping...and trying to keep him from ingesting any of the dirt (although when there are legit pieces of food it's possible that I look away).
Breakfast with Grandpa.
One morning before preschool co-op I spilled half a box of Cheerios on the floor (one of the large boxes. No exaggeration.). Cheerios were everywhere. It was already a frantic morning. Joseph slept late and co-op mornings are already stressful enough trying to get everyone dressed and ready with lunches packed and out the door on time. And I believe I was teaching preschool this particular morning, so extra fun for the morning. It was one of those "of course this would happen this morning" moments. When it happened it was so surreal. I don't think I even got upset. I just looked at it and thought "mmhmm. There is no possible way this is getting cleaned up before we leave, so there's not reason to stress about it."
What did I do? I let John down from his booster seat and let him have at it. Breakfast? Taken care of.
I then went to get Joseph out of bed and let floor Cheerios be his breakfast, too. It actually bought me a little time to get lunches packed without the boys underfoot. Win for me :)
The boys were thrilled. A million Cheerios on the floor to sit in, play in and eat? So. Awesome.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Caught Off Guard

We've been having a trying time with Joseph lately. He's begun to "actively assert his will" - that's what we'll call it. It's been fairly exhausting emotionally for all involved. It's also been hard to find ways to go above and beyond to love him which he, of course, needs because he's been seeing a fair amount of discipline lately. But sometimes it's hard to love someone who's getting under your skin so much.

And then - then! - he comes out of nowhere and blows me away with his sweetness. This afternoon on my way from the van to our house (approximately 15 feet) I managed to trip - as in I skinned my foot, leg and knee. And it hurt. Joseph saw me trip. He asked what happened then asked in a very concerned voice "are you ok?" I told him I was fine and that I just got a boo, boo. He wanted to see it, so I showed him and he said "It's ok. I'll kiss it for you." Oh the sweetness! He was so concerned and so sure he could help me feel better. I let him kiss my leg when we got inside, and would you know it did start to feel better!

It was the perfect reminder of what a great kid he really is, and how important it is for me to remain patient with him.

And for those who are interested - the bump at 26 weeks (I'm 27 weeks now, but who's counting?).

Monday, March 10, 2014

The boys and the bump

Joseph's favorite word recently is "why?" I feel like it's a little early for that. For some reason I had it in my head that kids don't usually start in with incessant "why's?" until around age 4.

John has also started "talking" a bit more lately. He seems to actually be trying to pronounce some words, but still the only intelligible words he has so far are mama and dada. He can communicate his wants/needs for food though with arm reaches and head nods and shakes. He also has the sign for
"more" down pat.

Joseph just discovered shadows last night. It's really cute hearing him talk about shadows and point them out to Will as he's getting ready for bed. He is so intrigued by them - it's a great reminder for me of his sweet innocence.

Every night when we pray with Joseph we ask him who he'd like to pray for. Sometimes he lists off people. Other times he says he'd like to pray for "aryone" (everyone) (after he did this several nights in a row we asked him if there was anyone in particular he'd like to pray for). Now, more often than not, he says he'd like to pray for "aryone in ticuhwur" (everyone in particular). It always makes me giggle inside when he says this.

Aaaand, the bump.
23 weeks
I don't remember being (ahem, feeling) this big with Joseph and John, but the pictures tell a different story.
24 weeks with John
23 weeks with Joseph

Ok - maybe not with Joseph, but definitely about the same with John. No?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What we've been up to...

The month of February turned out to be quite busy for us. We started by having a "little" birthday playdate for John and his friend, Ignatius (who was born a mere 3 days after Joseph). "Small" turned into 12 moms, 17 toddlers and 6 babies. But, oh how much fun we all had!
Story time with Mrs. O'Callaghan!
The birthday boys pre-cupcake and singing.
Our lovely guests.
John wasn't impressed by his cupcake.
He actually refused to eat any of it.
Shirtless and happy birthday boys!
The mess tells you how much fun was had by all.

The birthday playdate was followed by a weekend visit from my parents to celebrate John's 1st birthday. They were so generous and watched the boys for us all day so Will and I could go van shopping. I always forget how long the whole car buying process really is (we had already spent a generous amount of time talking with folks about their van preferences, researching online and I took a peek at one van the weekend before). Luckily, the boys were in good hands and enjoyed a puppet show, a good nap and some quality Nanna and Grandpa time.
Clearly he's impressed by my cake baking and decorating skillz.
Mommy helps open the first gift.
Opening presents with Grandpa.
Look at my new toy!
John's just chillin' while Joseph waits patiently to help open the next gift.
Playing with his other toy! (Thanks Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Tom!)
Hangin' with Nanna.
Tackle Daddy!

The next weekend we had some dear friends from Ohio come visit. Our boys are similar ages (their two boys are both four months older than our boys and now we're both due with our 3rd babies within a week of each other!) and have so much fun together. It was so nice to have a chance to hang out and talk again. I took woefully few pictures, but I did get a couple decent ones.
Auggie and John
Joseph and Luke playing with cars.
I believe everyone was checking out an Alpha-bot here.

The last weekend in February my sister, Alyse, came to visit. The boys loved having their "Aunt Aweese" around to hang out with. I, again, forgot to take pictures (sadly, that's how I've been lately) but got a couple shots from the weekend.
Oooooh! An iPad!
Face timing it with Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Tom :)
Checking out the airplane at the Air and Space Museum Annex.
That's all for now, folks. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a.....

...healthy baby! We're happy to report that everything looks great with baby. I do have to have another ultrasound so the doctor can take another look at the heart as baby's spine was facing out making it hard to get a good shot of the heart.  So, we'll get another peek in a month!

During the ultrasound the doctor commented "that probably looks familiar..."

And I thought this would be an appropriate treat to celebrate.

We can't wait to meet you sweet baby BOY!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, John!

I can't believe it's been a year since this little guy was born! I've been terrible about keeping ye old blog up to date on his milestones and such. The least I can do is write up a special post to mark one year!

What a sweet and easy baby John was. He slept in 4-hour chunks from day one, and oh how glorious that was!
He has loved Joseph from the moment he was able to track with his eyes (and probably even before that!). There was so much fun to be had watching his brother dart from one place to another.
Those beautiful blue eyes stop people in their tracks all the time.
John has always been a happy baby as well. He never cried very much and gives plenty of smiles!
John loves his daddy so much! Every time Will opens his arms for a hug John runs to him for a hug. 
John also loves to wrestle with his brother and is already pretty tough for a 1-year-old. He seems to only whine/cry after Joseph has been sitting on him for a while and he can't wriggle away.
John loves to eat, but can be a bit picky about what he eats. I've learned to give him his vegetables first and to make sure he finishes them before he even sees the rest of his meal. He loves meat and potatoes - just like his daddy (can you tell?).
Just recently John has started pointing and babbling more. He seems to be having conversations with himself, and I'm pretty sure he's convinced we can understand what he's saying when he babbles to us.
John is definitely a bit more reserved than Joseph was, but still loves to be around people and is fairly independent. He loves playing with his brother and trying to keep up with everything he does. 
Just recently John started to point at pictures in books. It's so sweet to see. He also recently learned to wave - which is perfectly adorable.
Each night before bed I read him his bedtime story. When we get to the part about mommy and daddy giving kisses I give him some kisses on his cheek and sometimes he leans his head back, opens his mouth and tries to give me a kiss back. I almost die from cuteness overload every time he does that!

There's so much to love all rolled up in one cute bundle! Happy 1st birthday, John! We love you!!!