Thursday, April 12, 2012

the boy can eat

Joseph sure likes to eat - there's no debating that. And he certainly isn't starving. I would say he hasn't missed a meal in his life, but that would be a lie. He bit me a few time earlier this week at his bedtime feeding and after 3 consecutive bites I let him go to bed hungry. Two nights of going to bed hungry made the biting stop.

But that's not why I write. I write because I have been totally blown away by the sheer quantity of food Joseph can put away. The past two nights have been impressive in particular. Here's what he ate (that I can remember).

Tuesday night:
2-3 tablespoons peas and carrots
1 3/4 hot dogs (almost 2 entire hot dogs!)
4-5(ish) blueberries

What 9 month old can eat almost 2 hot dogs in one sitting???

Wednesday night (it was clean out the fridge/let Joseph get messy night so bear with me):
1 medium banana
5 club crackers
10(ish) goldfish crackers
1-2 tablespoons peas and carrots
3 bites butternut squash
3-4 bites spaghetti w/meat sauce
3 tater tots
15(ish) blueberries
And all that was after having a nice, big nursing session.

His tummy is only so big. I can't quite figure out where it all goes. I mean, last night I thought the banana alone would fill him up. It was pretty big. But he just kept eating. And eating. And eating. And drinking water, of course. He's figured out how to use his sippy cup, so now he drinks some water with his meals.

If this is any indication of how much food he'll be eating 15 years from now I better start stock piling food now.
Joseph munching on his baseball egg at Easter.

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