Friday, May 25, 2012

10 month old Joseph

Joseph turned 10 months old a couple weeks ago (May 10). I finally got the pictures uploaded yesterday.
I had to take the pictures early in the morning before we got on the road to head to Knoxville for my sister's college graduation. I think morning may be the ideal time to photograph Joseph - when he's well rested and not crazy active yet.

Looking through these pictures makes me nostalgic for his "baby days." I realize he's still a baby, but every day he's looking and acting more like a little boy!

He's a full on walker now going from room to room. He's even able to turn himself around whenever he wants. And did I mention that he LOVES looking at his books?
Right around 10 months he learned how to wave and clap (he learned both within about a week). But he mainly waves to me and Will. We're still working on waving at friends (and nice strangers at the store).
One of my favorite skills that he's learned recently (within the past week or so) is the ability to use his "snack catcher." It took a few times before he understood that if he stuck his hand in he could get food out. He's pretty good with it now, so I don't have to sit there feeding him his Cheerios (or whatever) piece by piece now.

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