Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Joseph!

It was one year ago today that our sweet Joseph was born. I remember being told that this year would go by quickly, and I knew everyone who told me this was right but I am still amazed how much Joseph  has grown and learned in just one year.
[12 month picture coming soon]

At one year old he is walking around and trying new things every day. He enjoys a good chase and likes to tease us by coming toward us then - when he's a few steps away - turning around and walking/running in the other direction. He often giggles with delight during both of these games.

Joseph has also recently learned to put objects into containers. He'll take out everything from one box then put it all back before repeating the process. Sometimes he'll take the box to the next room before repeating the "take everything out then return it to the box"game.
He also enjoys pretending to give someone a toy then when they try to grab it he quickly takes it back. He'll do this several times before actually handing over the toy.

Joseph also has quite the sweet tooth (I don't know where he got that from...), so I took him for his very first ice cream cone today - he loved it!

Joseph is quite a talker, but still doesn't seem to want to say "mom" or "mama." His favorite words are "dada", "no" and "uh-oh" but he can also say "hi" and "yea." He has said what sounds like "mama" but not very often and not referring to me. We're working on it :)

Joseph is so much fun to have around and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. Happy birthday, sweet boy!!! We love you!

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