Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 41)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 183)

1) Have you been watching the Olympics? And when I say Olympics I really mean, gymnastics (because, seriously, that's all anyone really cares about). I've been losing a lot of sleep lately staying up to watch, but wasn't team USA awesome? And isn't Gabby Douglass the cutest!? USA! USA! USA!

2) My sister's wedding last weekend was beautiful! I took some pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I hope to do a post on the wedding weekend soon. Congratulations Jeannette and Tom!
All the sister's at the rehearsal dinner - Dinora, Alyse, Betsy, Jeannette (the bride!) and Julia.

3) I've been pretty lazy this week. I started getting annoyed with myself sometime yesterday that nothing was getting done. Then I realized it's because I haven't made a to-do list lately. I didn't even make a grocery list this week and that resulted in my going to the grocery store 4 times this week (I have to go today for the 4th time - le sigh). You better believe that I'll be making a to-do list this afternoon.

4) My cousin talked to me a little bit about cloth diapers this past weekend and how much she loves them. I've been a little lazy using mine and have recently only aimed to use them once a week (so, about 16 cloth diapers a week). She inspired me and I decided after our conversations that I'm going to try to be more conscientious about using the diapers - I mean I spent all that money to buy them and now I'm just going out and buying disposables, it doesn't make much sense. My goal is to not have to buy any more disposable diapers until September.

5) Joseph just keeps getting more and more creative/persistent. He now knows how to move the kitchen island (it's on wheels, but they stay locked) so he can get into the cabinet. He has also discovered another cabinet that hasn't been child-proofed (it's in the corner behind out kitchen table, so it took him a while to discover it) and enjoys pulling random stuff out of there. I guess installing more child-proof locks will be on my to-do list for next week.
And did I mention that he can now reach a full hand-length onto our kitchen table and is thisclose to reaching onto the kitchen counters? Yikes.

6) The quickest way to get Joseph interested in a toy is to start cleaning it up. This is especially true of puzzles, mega blocks, linking rings or his stacking blocks. What's up with that?

7) Since I still haven't done a post for Joseph at 12 months (becausew I haven't uploaded those yet either...and I'm not so technologically advanced that I have a smart phone) I thought I'd share with you a few photos from our trip to HIlton Head this past June.
Hangin' with Auntie Dinora and Auntie Alyse
Meeting the indian with dad before our (very long, one-hour)
carriage ride (where Joseph was required to stay in one place.
for one hour - did I mention that already?)
Reading books with Grandpa.
Headed to the pool with Nanna.

Have a lovely weekend, ya'll!

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