Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What we've been up to...

The month of February turned out to be quite busy for us. We started by having a "little" birthday playdate for John and his friend, Ignatius (who was born a mere 3 days after Joseph). "Small" turned into 12 moms, 17 toddlers and 6 babies. But, oh how much fun we all had!
Story time with Mrs. O'Callaghan!
The birthday boys pre-cupcake and singing.
Our lovely guests.
John wasn't impressed by his cupcake.
He actually refused to eat any of it.
Shirtless and happy birthday boys!
The mess tells you how much fun was had by all.

The birthday playdate was followed by a weekend visit from my parents to celebrate John's 1st birthday. They were so generous and watched the boys for us all day so Will and I could go van shopping. I always forget how long the whole car buying process really is (we had already spent a generous amount of time talking with folks about their van preferences, researching online and I took a peek at one van the weekend before). Luckily, the boys were in good hands and enjoyed a puppet show, a good nap and some quality Nanna and Grandpa time.
Clearly he's impressed by my cake baking and decorating skillz.
Mommy helps open the first gift.
Opening presents with Grandpa.
Look at my new toy!
John's just chillin' while Joseph waits patiently to help open the next gift.
Playing with his other toy! (Thanks Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Tom!)
Hangin' with Nanna.
Tackle Daddy!

The next weekend we had some dear friends from Ohio come visit. Our boys are similar ages (their two boys are both four months older than our boys and now we're both due with our 3rd babies within a week of each other!) and have so much fun together. It was so nice to have a chance to hang out and talk again. I took woefully few pictures, but I did get a couple decent ones.
Auggie and John
Joseph and Luke playing with cars.
I believe everyone was checking out an Alpha-bot here.

The last weekend in February my sister, Alyse, came to visit. The boys loved having their "Aunt Aweese" around to hang out with. I, again, forgot to take pictures (sadly, that's how I've been lately) but got a couple shots from the weekend.
Oooooh! An iPad!
Face timing it with Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Tom :)
Checking out the airplane at the Air and Space Museum Annex.
That's all for now, folks. Happy Monday!

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