Monday, March 10, 2014

The boys and the bump

Joseph's favorite word recently is "why?" I feel like it's a little early for that. For some reason I had it in my head that kids don't usually start in with incessant "why's?" until around age 4.

John has also started "talking" a bit more lately. He seems to actually be trying to pronounce some words, but still the only intelligible words he has so far are mama and dada. He can communicate his wants/needs for food though with arm reaches and head nods and shakes. He also has the sign for
"more" down pat.

Joseph just discovered shadows last night. It's really cute hearing him talk about shadows and point them out to Will as he's getting ready for bed. He is so intrigued by them - it's a great reminder for me of his sweet innocence.

Every night when we pray with Joseph we ask him who he'd like to pray for. Sometimes he lists off people. Other times he says he'd like to pray for "aryone" (everyone) (after he did this several nights in a row we asked him if there was anyone in particular he'd like to pray for). Now, more often than not, he says he'd like to pray for "aryone in ticuhwur" (everyone in particular). It always makes me giggle inside when he says this.

Aaaand, the bump.
23 weeks
I don't remember being (ahem, feeling) this big with Joseph and John, but the pictures tell a different story.
24 weeks with John
23 weeks with Joseph

Ok - maybe not with Joseph, but definitely about the same with John. No?

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