Thursday, January 29, 2015

All About John

I was thinking about doing an interview with John like I did with Joseph yesterday, but it's just too difficult to translate "John speak" into the written word. What I'm able to type just isn't the same as hearing him talk. So, we'll save his interview for later. I'd just like to note what John has been up to lately.

John's latest achievement is opening and closing doors. He gets great pleasure out of this new talent. Oh  the places he can now access! What adventure (and occasionally time out) awaits him!

John has always had a great smile. Will says he's the strong, silent type and uses his smile to get him out of having to speak - it works ;) (I'd like to note that it's hard to capture his adorable smile because every time he sees me taking a picture he comes running after me. So most of the pictures I have of him right now are ones where he isn't looking at the camera.)

He's very active and loves imitating Joseph. Although John doesn't speak very much his speech is coming along nicely. He has a good number of "words" in his vocabulary now. It's really nice not having to guess everything he wants. My favorite words that he has added to his vocabulary lately are gaga(Michael) and dofa (Joseph). I think it's so sweet that he knows his brothers' names.

Joseph, John and Will play hide-and-seek most nights.
This is a picture of Joseph and John covering their eyes to count.
It appears someone has a little learning to do ;)

John loves having books read to him lately. His favorite book is the one you're going to read to him :)

John is a very thoughtful little boy. He likes to bring people their things (phones, cups, toys, etc). Today he even took a football to Michael because he thought he'd enjoy playing with it.

I can't wait for John to start talking, so I can find out what's going on inside his little head. I'm sure we'll have some very sweet conversations.

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