Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 22)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 134)

7 Quick Takes - Cute Edition

1) I never want to put Joseph down. He's just so cute and cuddly I want to hold him all the time. I already don't want him to grow up.

2) I've already had quite a few ups and downs with nursing. Well, let's be honest - it's been more downs than ups. But I hear it gets better. At least Joseph didn't struggle too much with latching on. I'm waiting to hit that 2 week mark. I hear the first 2 weeks are the hardest then it starts to get better and by 6 weeks it's second nature (more or less).

3) We learned after our first night at home the importance of swaddling Joseph really tight before putting him to bed. He hardly slept at all our first night home. I would get him to sleep then put him in his bassinet and he would be awake within about 10-15 mins. It was super frustrating. It was around 6 or 7am that I figured out the swaddling thing - and not just to swaddle, but to swaddle really tight so he essentially couldn't move his arms.

4) Who knew how much of a mess one little baby could make? I mean, I've heard about these things but never truly experienced it. Joseph has already peed all over himself in the middle of being changed twice. And last night he managed to pee through his diaper onto both his onsie and blanket - 3 times in a row! I guess I can be assured that he isn't dehydrated :)

5) I'm learning how difficult it's going to be to keep a schedule with a baby in the house. I made an appointment yesterday for us to take Joseph to get some pictures taken today around noon. I figured that would give us plenty of time to get going in the morning before the pictures. Yea - I was wrong. All Joseph wanted to do last night was eat....and eat and eat. So, we didn't get to bed until around 7am. Needless to say, we had to cancel that appointment. Maybe we'll be able to make it Monday...

6) My husband has been amazing this week. He has basically taken over all household chores allowing me to focus on resting and taking care of Joseph. We have definitely hit a few rough spots this week with all the sleep deprivation, but I feel so blessed to have Will as my husband - and father of our adorable son!

7) I love watching Will with Joseph. He has very little experience with babies so pretty much everything is new for him, but he is trying to learn the ropes and is always willing to help me whenever I need help. I am especially grateful because Will generally doesn't deal well with change, but has been very patient this week. I think the cutest thing for me has been watching Will learn how to hold Joseph. I think it can be an awkward thing for anyone who hasn't held many babies, but especially for guys because they're so big and the babies are so small. Will is definitely getting better at and I think is much more comfortable holding Joseph. Yay for great husbands and cute babies :)

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