Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 45)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 188)

1) I taped all the flaps in our lift the flap books last week. I was tired of the flaps ripping and decided there had to be a better way. So, I took packing tape and taped the front and back of every. single. flap. This included the repair of a couple flaps that had already been ripped off, but that I had saved to fix. So far, so good. We haven't had any flap mishaps since the taping.

2) We bought a couch over Labor Day weekend and it finally arrived last Friday. I love it! It's so nice to have somewhere to sit/lay while Joseph is playing in the play room.

3) This is Joseph's favorite use of the couch...

...watching people and cars go by. He waves at them when they drive by. Maybe one day someone will wave back.

4) This past weekend Will and I attended the Indian Summer Ball to support The Northwest Center - a crisis pregnancy center and maternity home in DC. This is the second year we've gone and we have really enjoyed the event both years. I'm hoping it will become a tradition for us - especially since it's one of our favorite charities to donate to.

5) My mom also came up this past weekend to watch Joseph for us while we attended the ball. We are so thankful that she was able to make the trip up. We spent the day Saturday up in Mt. Airy at a craft fair. She was even kind enough to buy Joseph an adorable rocking chair. It's still a tiny bit too big for him to rock himself, but he really enjoys sitting in it. And he loved hanging out with his grandma!

6) I hit 22 weeks in the pregnancy on Wednesday. The documentation:

7) Joseph is starting to try and mimic what we're saying now. He's gained a few new words in the past week or so including: moo, hiss, two and three (we're still working on "one"). And just today he tried to say "meow" buuut, it still needs a little work.

Have a lovely weekend and go see Jen at Conversion Diary for more quick takes.


Lisa G. said...

You look great!! And I love the dress you wore to the gala! Where did you get the couch? We are currently couch hunting

Betsy said...

We got the couch at Wolf's Furniture in Frederick. I totally thought about commenting on your post on FB, but realized I didn't have much to add since Wolf's is local :(
I would suggest waiting for a holiday weekend though. That's what we did and got 50% off!

MCH said...

Happy 22 weeks, you look fantastic! Especially in that lovely gown...
What a great event to go to, I hope you guys had a blast.

I am amazed at your patience. And you must be a much kinder mother than me. Our lift the flap books simply no longer have many flaps to lift, and that's that!

Happy Friday!

Liz said...

You look great, Betsy! Can you believe how far along we are? I can't believe we're both over halfway there. For me it seems like yesterday I just found out. Time flies...

Jenny said...

Aww, you look lovely in your 22 week picture. Many blessings on your pregnancy...St Gerard--Pray for us!