Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Craziness and a New Year's Resolution?

I've kind of neglected this blog lately. It's not because I don't have ideas for posts (I do!) it's just that I've been sort of lazy/busy. I don't have one of those fancy-schmancy smart phones so I actually have to upload my pictures to my computer then upload them to the internets, so it takes some time and motivation to do all that. And when all my pictures pile up I get to a point where I don't even know where to begin. So, I'll begin here with a pictureless post.
I figured I'd give a nice, wordy update on our lives as of late and elaborate more with follow-up posts when I get around to it.
December has been fairly busy with me turning all of 29 years old, finding/wrapping/mailing Christmas presents and heading to Florida for 8 days for Christmas. We visited with Will's family and had a lovely time. It was nice and relaxing and even warm(ish)!! Definitely warmer than what we would have gotten here in Maryland.
It took a couple days to get my bearings straight once we got back from Florida. And I smartly planned on hosting a party on New Year's Day - which was lots of fun, but maybe it wasn't the best idea  to host a party mere days after returning from vacation. And to top it all off, I got a stomach bug (or something) starting Monday, but didn't really realize it until Tuesday (the day of the party) after breakfast. I was so glad Will had the day off to help get ready for the party and help corral Joseph.
Amidst getting home from Florida and hosting a party I got bit by the nesting bug and just HAD to get Joseph's room put together. NOW! Poor Will has dealt with his crazy wife very well over this past week. Hopefully the new crib will arrive soon and I can get Joseph situated in his new room before baby #2 arrives. We pick up the dresser this Saturday (awesome find on Craigslist, baby!) and I can't wait to have somewhere to put Joseph's clothes in his new room so I can move #2's clothes back into the nursery and get to organizing. Does anyone else out there love organizing as much as I do? I really do enjoy it when I have a plan and am not just flailing my arms trying to figure out how to organize everything.
Are you asleep yet? Yes? Well, I'll leave you with the list of posts I hope to get to within the next couple months (you could call this my New Year's Resolution, I suppose, since I haven't actually made one of those yet).

- Budgeting: Variable Expenses
- Budgeting: How the first few months have gone (food budget in particular?)
- pregnancy #1 vs. pregnancy #2
- Christmas 2012
- Joseph update
- Joseph's birth story
- crockpot freezer meals "review"
- guest post for Stacy (sadly I started this months ago, and just haven't gotten around to finishing it - sorry Stacy!!)

Thanks for sticking with me through the most ramblingest post ever. Happy New Year!

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