Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 50)

 7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 207)

1) We'll just title this Quick Takes "Welcome Baby John!" since I've been meaning to do a post announcing our sweet John's birth, but just haven't gotten around to it.
John Francis
2/7/13  10:43am
8lb.  20.25in.
2) I've been trying really hard to take as many pictures of John as I did of Joseph, but I've had to remind myself several times to take pictures and we already missed the "mommy, daddy and baby" picture in the hospital. Oh well. Here are a bunch of other pictures to make up for that.
Daddy and John (dodging the camera)
3) This was taken in the 3.2 seconds Joseph stayed on the chair. Despite what it looks like in this picture, Joseph wasn't the least bit interested in his baby brother. He was interested in all the cool stuff in my hospital room and wanted to get back to causing trouble.

4) Don't worry - Joseph has showed interest in his little brother since then and even enjoys posing for pictures. We've had to do a lot explaining about how the bouncy seat is John's chair - it isn't for Joseph to sit or play on (especially when John is in the bouncy). I'm happy to report that we are casualty free thus far.

5) Grandpa came to visit for a few days and made us some delicious food. Joseph loved having his Grandpa around. He got pretty spoiled by Grandpa. Grandpa let him watch him cook (by holding Joseph for ridiculous amounts of time while preparing food). Grandpa read the same books over and over and over...and over and over and over. And Grandpa, of course, played basketball with him. But don't worry, Grandpa also got a chance to hold baby John :)

6) Have I mentioned that John LOVES his pacifier? It's true. He loves it a lot. 
Don't even think about taking my paci away.
7) On a related (but not cute) note. I weighed myself today. I knew I shouldn't have done that. These pictures should make up for that mistake, no?

7a) Our first mommy, daddy and John photo - to make up for the missed pic in the hospital. Bonus: Will is smiling and his eyes are open (and John isn't completely blocking his face)!

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


Emily said...

YAY babies!!!! Congratulations!

Elizabeth Smith said...

What a beautiful family!!! Welcome baby John!!!