Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brain Dump

Dear Blog World,
This here post is going to be a bit of a what's-left-of-my-brain dump. Sorry in advance.

First of all, why must all you fun bloggers have awesome giveaways and force me to comment to enter the giveaway. Don't you realize that takes too much brain power? Brain power which I do not have right now. I suppose all that means is I'll be missing out on giveaways for a while.

Second of all, Will goes back to work tomorrow. Since when did time pass so quickly? John will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Five! Weeks! Old!

Third of all, Joseph is growing up so fast. Here's a little bit of his cuteness as of late.

- He just asked me (a couple weeks ago when I first drafted this sentence) for more green beans. I must be doing *something* right.

- He loves to sing his "C C's" (ABC's) whether he's singing on his own, with his puppy, with Sesame Street or with Will or me he loves it all the same and is starting to get the hang of it. But most of the letters are still unintelligible.

- He mimics everything we do and especially everything we say.

- He loves Sesame Street and repeats phrases he learns from it frequently. A recent favorite has been "up down." Elmo has a segment all about "up and down" and yesterday Joseph kept saying "updown" over and over and over.

- I'm obsessed with the way Joseph pronounces words. I find it particularly hilarious that many words come out sounding like curse words: fahk = fork, sit = sit (but is very nearly s*it), and there are more but please refer to the beginning of this post wherein I lament where my brain has gone.

Fourth of all, John is the cutest and an awesome sleeper. I hope me typing that doesn't jinx it. He's been sleeping at least 5 straight hours a night for me for nearly a week now, and I'm in love.

Fifth of all, we have a new Pope. I'm sure you didn't already know that. His name is Pope Francis. John's middle name is Francis. Coincidence? I think not.

Sixth of all, did I mention that Will goes back to work tomorrow? No me gusta. I just hope this house doesn't go to shambles.

Seventh of all, are you tired of this nonsense? I thought so. I'll go now.

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