Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kiddos

Finding the time/energy to post lately has been difficult. I've been debating getting an iPhone which would mean I would have to pay for internet on my phone. There's a part of me that wants internet on my phone SO. BAD. Just so I can upload pictures straight from my phone to my blog/email/facebook, etc. Then there's the cheap side of me that's like "Betsy, and extra $30/month!? For internet on your phone?!" *sigh* I just don't know. I have been taking a TON more pictures with my phone lately - mostly because it's easier/more accessible. Cute moments pass so quickly that if I don't capture it with my phone the moment likely won't be captured. I just don't have time to run and get my camera.

Anyway, enough about that. Here are some pictures I have managed to get using my real camera.
 The doctor asked me today if John tends to lean his head that way (to the right) and I said no. But now that I'm looking at these pictures I'm starting to wonder. I may have to start paying more attention to how he holds his head...
 John hates. hates. hates. tummy time. He usually only lasts 2-3 minutes before he starts wailing for me to turn him back over.
 Joseph was very interested in John. This was the first time we tried this pose - both of them laying on the giant pillow on the couch.
 Despite the expression on his face, John did eventually enjoy laying next to his brother :)
 We're getting so many sweet smiles from John lately!!
 Joseph and John got to meet my friend, Emily, a few weeks ago. Happy birthday (a day late), Emily!!!
 And Joseph says thanks to Ally and Catherine for sharing their parfait (Joseph is a little mooch).
He's also very creative. He's obsessed with my oven mitts. Here he is carrying around his basketball with the mitts. No clue where he got that idea.

I'll end with a little something funny.
I take the boys out for a walk nearly every day and yesterday was no exception. The only difference was that I took the single stroller instead of the double with John in the baby carrier. As I went to put Joseph in the stroller he closed the gate to the kitchen and said "bye, John!" (I think I actually laughed out loud when I heard him say that.) He thought we were going to leave John at home while we went for a little walk!

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