Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Letter to My Sweet John

I have been bad about recording the lives of my boys lately. Joseph and John - you are both so sweet and such a joy for me and daddy. Today a letter for John.

You are the best sleeper any mom could ask for. For several weeks now you've given me at least 5 consecutive(!!!) hours of sleep every. single. night(and sometimes 6 or 7!!!)! And I usually only have to get up with you once each night. What an incredible treat for me. I definitely wasn't expecting that this soon (you're not even 8 weeks old!).
You've even started smiling a little. I haven't gotten any of your smiles on camera yet, but it warms my heart each time I see you smile.
Your brother, Joseph, loves you so much. He likes to wave toys in front of your face, in an attempt to entertain you, although he sometimes gets a little close and squishes/hits your face. We're working on that, and you're such a good sport - you don't even get upset (usually). Joseph also loves to help you keep your pacifier in. This is especially helpful to me when I'm trying to fix dinner. But, between you and me, I'm pretty sure he takes it out of your mouth sometimes just so he can put it back in.
Joseph also loves to give you hugs and just today he asked to give you a kiss! He also tries his hardest to calm you down when you're upset by saying "Don. Don. Fussin'?" (John, John, why are you fussing?) in the calmest voice over and over and over. With an occasional "Don. Cahm down" (John, calm down) thrown in there for good measure. You mostly ignore him.
You're going to be 2 months old this Sunday, and I can't even believe it. Time has flown by. You seem so big to me now and are very alert lately. You love your pacifier (thank goodness!), being held and nursing. I love you so much and can't wait to continue to watch you grow!!

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