Sunday, May 5, 2013

John's Baptism

John was baptized nearly 2 months ago, but I still wanted to document the occasion. We were so blessed to be able to have all the grandparents in town to celebrate John's baptism.

John and Grandpa Rayel
John and Nana
John and Nana
John was so good. He didn't cry or anything! Joseph, on the other hand, had a blast exploring the church while mommy and daddy were busy getting John baptized :)

Bert, Will, Joseph, Me, John, Fr. LaHood, Carmen, Mary
Grandpa Rayel, Will, Joseph, me, John, Nana, Grandpa Fischer
Joseph loves belts.
John and Grandpa Fischer
Joseph and Grandpa Rayel
Joseph, Nana, Grandpa Fischer and John
Daddy and John
We are so grateful that our parents were able to come up for such a special occasion. What a blessing it was to have to many friends and family join us in celebrating this joyous occasion!

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