Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here is a little post with some Jospeh-isms as of late.
Always with the backwards hat.
- If you knock on Joseph's door and say "Is Joseph in there?" before getting him in the morning he'll respond with "come in, daddy" or "come in, please." Obviously, Will gets all the credit for teaching him this one.
Joseph: "Wadder boddle."
Me: "No. Water fountain."
Joseph: "Wadder fountain."
He's a quick learner, that boy.
- Joseph is getting pretty good at constructing sentences. His only problem is the only article he knows is "a" (unless "this" and "that" are so his sentences go something like this:

What he says: "a cuh ih up a apple" or sometimes "a cud id up a apple"
What he means: Can you cut up the apple for me, mommy?

What he says: a milk a bay Don
What he means: Milk for baby John.
Let me show you how this works, John.
Joseph also mixed up his "m's" and "n's" a lot.

What he says: daddy hone
What he means: Daddy's home.

What he says: a fam ... a phome ... a bims
What he means: the fan ... the phone ... the bins

Two phones are definitely better than one.
What he says: one, two, free, four, six, seben, eight, nine, ten, eweben, twelbe, fourteem, sixeem, sebenteem, eighteem, nineteem, twenty!
What he means: I don't feel like typing this out. Just go ahead and count to 20 and skip a few numbers (especially five) while you're at it :)

- Did I mention that Joseph can't seem to decide where he's from? Sometimes when he's talking I could swear I'm raising an English child (no idea where that is coming from). Other times I swear he came straight from the deep South (perhaps I have more of an accent than I thought?).

I'll end this little post with a video of me getting Joseph to say "helicopter." Seriously adorable how he says it. You know I've been exploiting this one getting him to say "hapadopdur" as much as I can.

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