Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bathroom Is Finished!

I recently posted pictures of our now-re-floored basement that our friend, Anne, did for us. As soon as she was finished with the basement she got to work on the main bathroom upstairs. I was so excited that this bathroom was getting re-done. The main reason for the update was to replace the enormous jet-tub that was too big for the tiny bathroom and a pain in the *you-know-what* to clean. It would also be impractical trying to bathe a baby/young child in that tub, and with a baby on the way it needed to be dealt with ASAP.
This tub was oversized in every sense of the word - it was really long, really wide and the worst part was that it was really tall. I tripped getting into it nearly every time - and I had to actually get in to clean the darn thing! Anyway, I'll stop ranting now and show you some "before" pictures then move on to the final results.

This is the view looking into the bathroom from the hallway.
The tub left barely enough room to use the toilet.
It was so wide it covered part of the floor vent.
Also notice the lovely faux-marble laminate flooring.

I also took some "during the transformation" pictures. We had to have the plumbing for the tub/shower moved over 4 inches so it would be centered with the new tub. That's what's happening in the picture below. I also took this opportunity while the walls were ripped out to have some extra storage added above the toilet.

The tub and wall have been removed.
See all that empty space back there? It's above the stairs, so it's
not practical for floor space, but works perfectly for shelving.
I sealed all the tiles. It took a while...
I had to lay out the tiles individually on the floor and spray them until they were saturated with the sealer. Here's what the last batch looked like (it was slightly smaller than the rest of the batches).

Now for the final product! My friend, Julie, helped me out again with the wall color. Thank goodness for her help otherwise who knows what our house would look like! I think you'll notice right away how much more spacious the bathroom feels, and we were able to add a shelf at the back of the bathtub which will be nice for putting bath toys once baby Rayel makes his/her appearance. This tub will also be much easier to bathe a child in because of the tub height. I can't even imagine what we would have done if we had kept the old tub! Anyway, on to the pictures...

View as you walk in from the hallway.
Notice the vent is no longer under the tub!
The shelf/ledge at the back of the tub.
We can use the toilet without being crammed next to the tub :)
Also notice the new floor - no more faux-marble laminate (in this bathroom anyway).
Extra storage space (yay!) above the toilet.
Overall, I am VERY pleased with the outcome. Hooray for a functional bathroom space!

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