Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Pregnancy Rocks

I've had a few unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that just don't seem to go away (back ache, stuffy nose), but it's made me think about all the things I actually love about being pregnant. And maybe I'm a bit biased since I'm just starting my 3rd trimester (so I'm still enjoying 2nd trimester bliss). Either way all these things are definitely perks of being pregnant. In no particular order:

- I love feeling the baby kick. Seriously. It's an amazing (maybe a little bit weird at first) feeling. Sometimes I even poke baby Rayel so he'll squirm around :) Will doesn't like when I do that, but it doesn't hurt the baby.

- Similar to above, I love watching my stomach move. If I had nothing better to do I could sit for hours just watching baby Rayel kick and move around. I find that I'm incredibly patient in waiting for him to kick/move and get ever so slightly sad when I've been watching my stomach (umm, yes...just staring at it), then look away and miss a movement.

- I love that I get to eat more. Even though it isn't that much more - still, it's more food. And I love to eat. So this works.

- I love that gaining weight is not only encouraged, but basically required. Obviously, this one is pretty easy to take overboard (as is the whole eating thing since, you know, the two are kinda linked) but it's still comforting to know that gaining 20 pounds doesn't tip me into the next weight category in life.

- I love that I get to shop. A lot. There are so many things to buy when you're having a baby - a crib, changing table, mattress, linens, car seat, stroller, glider, clothes, diapers, and on and on the list goes. Granted, a lot of this stuff other people generously buy for you, but it's still fun to look!! And it's a reminder of just how kind and generous people really are.

- Not only do I get to shop for the baby, but I get to shop for myself, too. In fact, I basically get an entirely new wardrobe that is WAY more comfortable than my old wardrobe. Granted, the fact that I'm buying an entire wardrobe that I will only use for less than a year (per baby, that is) does force me to limit what I buy, which is ok with me for now. Building an entire wardrobe takes time. So, for now I have a fairly limited wardrobe and wear basically the same shirts/pants/shorts/dresses every week, but everything is still new to me so I'm not tired of it yet :)
And did I mention how ridiculously comfortable maternity clothes are? I did? Well, it's the truth. There's no worrying about buttons or zippers when it comes to your shorts and pants. Just pull 'em right up and you're good to go. *sigh* I'm definitely going to miss my maternity clothes one day.......

- I've really enjoyed watching my baby bump grow - in pictures that is. It's kind of neat clicking from one picture to the next and seeing how my belly is expanding. My only regret on this one is that I didn't start it a bit sooner (I started at 21 weeks). Alas, there's always next time :)

The baby bump at 29 weeks :)
- I love that people always offer to help me carry things. It's only recently that I've started taking some people up on their offers. And it's only recently that I've started noticing that it is, in fact, more difficult for me to lift heavy things. I've even begun to plan major shopping trips around times when my husband will be home and able to help me unload the car.

- I love that my hair doesn't fall out nearly as much as it used to. I realize that my hair is going to fall out after the baby comes, but for now it's nice not shedding all over the place :)

- I love that the baby seems to respond to Will's voice. Maybe I'm just making this one up because I want him to respond to my husband's voice, but if he's been fairly still for a while and my husband comes home and starts talking his movement seems to pick up.

- I love that I'm hardly ever cold anymore. On the flip side - I'm often hot. But this is a welcome change from always being cold.

That's all I can think of for now. Perhaps I'll think of more later on, until then I'll just keep poking baby Rayel whenever I need a good smile :)

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Lisa G. said...

You look fantastic!!!

I love this list - One day when I'm good and pregnant again, I'm going to come back and visit it. It is so easy to get caught up in the painful and annoying parts of pregnancy!

And both of my children responded to my husbands voice! Every. single. time!! I love it. I remember always being so surprised when Jason would come home and the baby would go crazy!