Monday, August 15, 2011

Is it Day or Night?

Will and I received a card that looked approximately like this:
While I find the card to be quite funny (and adorable), I no longer find it funny when Joseph wants to play at 4am right after his 3:30am feeding. He goes straight to sleep after his feedings during the day, but at night he almost always wants to play. What's up with that?


Meghan said...

do you keep silence and lights off when you feed him at night?

Lucy The Valiant said...

Ohhh day and night reversal! Not fun!! My baby did this too, and the only way I could fix it (and it worked immediately!) was to make sure we spent time outdoors every day. It's something to do with setting their clocks right, and also the fresh air and sunshine makes them sleepy.

Betsy said...

Meghan - I don't keep silence and lights off. I had thought about the light thing and only use a lamp, but I think I'll give silence and lights off a try tonight. I'm assuming that's what you did with your kids - do you have any thoughts for how I could go about changing his diaper in the dark?

Lucy - Joseph loves going outside, but it's been pretty hot lately so I only take him out when the temperatures are reasonable. I'll definitely have to try and get out with him more though.