Monday, August 1, 2011

I missed the little guy

I ventured out of the house without Joseph Saturday night to grab some things at the grocery store (what a glamorous Saturday night - I know). I wanted to get this errand out of the way before Will went back to work (he went back today).
The whole shopping experience was just a little weird. It was weird to drive again. (This was my first time driving since I delivered Joseph.) It was weird to be alone at the grocery store again (this surprised me a lot since I've been to the grocery store alone for so many years now). It was weird to think that I had a specific time frame in which to get my shopping done because Joseph can only go so long between feedings. The whole thing was just....weird.
While I was shopping I had the realization that my life is definitely different. You would think that bringing Joseph home from the hospital would have done this to me. But the feeling was much more poignant at the grocery store, and it surprised me.
I was also surprised at how tired I felt while shopping. Up until that point I thought I was feeling pretty good, but I was noticeably more tired while shopping than I used to be. I hardly even cared to compare prices! So, while I enjoyed the opportunity to go and do something "normal" without the hassle of taking a newborn with me, I was definitely ready to get back home to both my husband and my sweet Joseph. I missed my little guy!


Lucy The Valiant said...

I knew exactly what you mean, it can be a really surreal adjustment at first!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way after the birth of all the kids. I usually left the house feeling wonderful...on my own, driving again. Then someone would ask me, "So, when's your baby due?"

Ahhhhhh...after that I vowed never to leave the house without the baby. LOL

Congratulations on your baby and your first solo trip. He's so cute.