Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 35)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 162)

1) I have an idea which might sound a little crazy, but bear with me as I describe it in its entirety as I need to know from seasoned moms whether you think it might actually work. 

*Warning: If you don't like to read about bodily functions skip this quick take. But, if you're a mom - I'm pretty sure this won't gross you out and I need your thoughts so please read on :)* 

You know how you're supposed to give your baby prunes if they're constipated to help "the process" along? Well, I'm just curious...what happens if you give them prunes when they aren't constipated? More precisely, will it clean out their system enough to make them not poo for a day (or two) following the emptying out of said orifices? 
I only ask because we'll be flying to Orlando to visit my father-in-law soon and it'd be really nice if Joseph didn't have any poopy diapers during the flight. It's not that I have a problem changing his poopy diapers, but did you know that you can be fined $500 for changing a baby's diaper in the main cabin of an airplane? Yep. It's true. I know this because I was about to change Joseph's diaper when I flew with him back in September, and the flight attendant quickly stopped me and told me about the fine. And let me tell you - there just isn't enough space in those tiny little bathrooms to change Joseph. There was barely enough space in September and he was only 9 weeks old then! The flight attendant was super nice and even let me keep the bathroom door open (which I guess she wasn't *technically* supposed to let me do). But it was still really awkward because I had to lay him on the toilet as there was no changing table and that was the flatest place to lay him in the bathroom.
I think you understand where I'm going with this. Do you think that if I give Joseph prunes the day or two before we leave that he'll "empty out" his system enough that he simply won't poo for a day or two? And that way I won't have to worry about having to let him sit in his own poo for (part of) the flight? Has anyone tried this? Should I do a "trial run"? Am I freaking out way too much about this? Are you tired of reading 4,000 questions in a row? Ok. Any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome :)

2) I went to the mall earlier this week to pick up Joseph's 6-month pictures (yes - they were adorable), and I planned on grabbing some Chick-fil-a on my way out. But would you believe that the Chick-fil-a in my mall closed? Yep. You heard me right. The closest Chick-fil-a to me closed. its. doors. And that makes me sad. Couldn't they have at least given me some warning? I went there the week before and there was no sign it was going to close. Now I'm going to have to drive an extra 5 minutes to get to a Chick-fil-a. My life is so hard.

3) Joseph and I were both a little sick this week. At least I thought we were. Joseph had a runny nose and a bit of a cough Monday-Wednesday. Then I realized his runny nose was probably from teething. The four front top teeth are all about to come in. I'm pretty sure he'll have six teeth within a matter of weeks.
As for me - I just have an annoying sore throat that hurts in the morning but is mostly gone by the evening. I'll just keep pounding back the water and orange juice.

4) Can you believe this weather we've been having? It's been so nice outside. Joseph and I have been enjoying being able to go outside for walks and not having to bundle up like crazy. I just hope we continue having such nice weather. I definitely don't miss those cold, wintery days.

5) I have spent far too much time this week playing "Words With Friends" on Facebook. It's basically Scrabble for Facebook (and smart phones, but who owns those things?). And it's addictive. And I'm really competitive. So I spend way too much time coming up with words.

6) Speaking of wasting time. I asked for meal suggestions yesterday and had three people recommend I join Pinterest. It's not that I somehow don't know what Pinterest is. It's that I fear I will spend every waking moment "pinning" stuff and completely ignore this cutie.

7) Oh how I love this little guy!


Stacy said...

Not a mom, but I can't believe the fine for changing a baby's diaper in the cabin. What do they really expect you to do??? That is insane!

How long of a flight is it? Does he have a "normal" poo time or is he unpredictable, which I'm sure would make it much more difficult.

Betsy said...

Stacy - So, I guess the rule is there because of health codes or something. The stewardess explained it to me and all I really remember was her mentioning the health code and something to do with air being recirculated on an airplane.
I think the flight is 3 or 4 hours? I'd have to double check. But, Joseph isn't a "regular" pooper, so I have no idea what he'll do when we fly.

Lisa G. said...

Oh my goodness - what airline are you flying??? Could they really not let you change the diaper?? I'm in shock. We fly Southwest to Texas and I definitely remember asking the flight attendant if there was a koala station and he said there wasn't. But they didn't mention anything about a fine? I just changed the diaper in the awkwardly small bathroom. But we only had to do it once because they made it through the flight without pooping except that one time. But I have no idea about the prune thing. The only thing that would worry me is if he cleared out so much that the next time was constipation? But Leo was weird and that kind of stuff would happen to him. You could do a practice run at home and see what happens maybe???

Betsy said...

Lisa - It's not that you aren't allowed to change the diaper you just can't change it in the main cabin of the airplane - you have to do it in the bathroom (which is really hard to do if there isn't a changing table). I think it's an FAA regulation or something. I tried finding it online, but couldn't find it. But I can't imagine the stewardess would have made it up.
I've thought about a trial run - I could even try with just a little bit of prunes like maybe just a tablespoon or two to see how it affects him. I hadn't even thought about the possibility of constipation AFTER the fact. I'm going to have to think about that one a little more.

Julie said...

Why don't you ask your dad about the prunes? It was our pediatrician who suggested we give them to Breck for his constipation. I don't have an answer for you re: what prunes would do to a non-constipated Joseph. But I do have a word of warning: The smell is really bad. And lasting. Even if Breck goes a couple of days without prunes, the poor child still has that distinctive smell. Lovely, hm? I did not know about the diaper-changing rule. It makes me very nervous for going to Minnesota with Breck. I don't see how I could possibly change that lumberjack of a kid in an airplane restroom. It sounds terrible, but we may have to double-wrap him and just let him sit in it.