Thursday, July 25, 2013

Joseph, Joseph, Joseph

Whew - today has been crazy busy. Here are a few Joseph-isms as of late.

- Joseph's current favorite song to sing is "Are You Sleeping?" I think because of the "brother John, brother John" part, but I could be wrong about that.

- Joseph is really into dipping his food lately. Give him ketchup, hummus, syrup, "pink a budder" (peanut butter) - anything! - and he'll dip, dip, dip away.

- Joseph is slightly obsessed with holding John. He asks at least once daily to "hold Don?" So, I oblige.

It's especially cute when he tries to pick John up off the ground and informs be that John's "too hebby" (too heavy).

- Joseph got a pebble in his sandals once. I stuck my finger in to get it out. Now Joseph randomly stops, sits down, sticks his finger in his shoe then after about 30 seconds says to me "dat bedder?" (Is that better?) before getting up and continuing on his way.

- Joseph LOVES talking on the phone.
Talking to Granpa Rayel on his birthday.

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