Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For our honeymoon Will and I took a cruise to the western Caribbean. We chose to cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines because of the "freestyle dining" (Will especially likes this). Will originally booked our trip and was talking to his dad about it when his dad said he'd like to pay for our trip as a wedding present. We were super excited and he even upgraded our room to a suite!

After our wedding we headed to one of the hotels near the airport since we had a 6(ish)am flight the next morning to Miami. We arrived in Miami mid morning and caught a taxi to the Cathedral for mass. What a great way to start our life together as a married couple.
After mass we headed to the ship. The first couple days of the cruise we spent relaxing, exploring the ship, planning what we wanted to do over the next few days and just spending time together.

On the second night of the cruise we ate at the Japanese restaurant (the kind where they cook in front of you) for Will's birthday. At the end of dinner they even brought out a little birthday cake for him (I wish I could take credit for requesting this, but I'm pretty sure his dad is the one who ordered the cake). On our first shore excursion we went snorkeling and kayaking. Snorkeling was not nearly as fun as we had anticipated because we were put with a group and they kept moving us from one place to another and we never really felt like we got to see anything because we were constantly being moved. But the kayaking was fun and we enjoyed the lunch they served us along with the live music they had for our entertainment.
Live music over lunch? Yes, please.
That evening at the end of dinner they brought Will another birthday cake. We were a little surprised, but it was delicious.
The next day we chose to take a tour around town and then spend some time shopping around. We both really enjoyed this - it was really relaxing and nice being able to just be with one another. This is also where we found a beautiful crucifix to hang in our new home.
going over a bridge toward the end of our tour
grabbing a snack after shopping
That evening at dinner Will was given yet another birthday cake (this is not a typo, this was his 3rd birthday cake). It, too, was delicious.
On our third day off the ship we were able to check out some Mayan ruins. I was really excited to get to see the ruins, and it made the long bus ride to and from the ruins worth it :)
Will and me before getting on the bus to see the Mayan ruins.
Me and Will at the ruins
That night we celebrated our first Thanksgiving together at a nice steak house on the ship. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a good steak, right?
Will's delicious appetizer.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Our last outing was on a private island owned by the cruise line. We just walked around, checked out an old lighthouse, hung out on some hammocks then headed back to the ship.
On our way to the island.
Then we got to see this beautiful sunset on the boat ride back to our ship.

When we got back we had a lovely dinner at the Chinese restaurant aboard the ship.
It was here that Will received his fourth and final birthday cake :) It was a great week!
Thanks Hallie for giving me a reason to reminisce about our honeymoon!

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