Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 3)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 116)

1) I made my first "successful" smoothie this week. What do I mean by "successful" you ask? Well, it means that I was able to make EXACTLY ONE serving. This was surprisingly difficult. The few times before this that I tried to make a smoothie I made like 3 servings worth and was eating smoothies all night. At least my baby was getting enough fruit servings :)

2) I mailed my passport name change application off this week. This is a milestone for two reasons. 
       a) It's the final hurdle in the name change process for me. 
       b) It's the next step that I needed to take in order to go to Spain this May - yes, while I'm pregnant. I realize that traveling at 33 weeks pregnant isn't going to be easy or comfortable, but I figure it's my last real chance to go to Europe for who knows how long (and maybe it'll be my last chance ever). Here's a list of reasons why now is the perfect time for me to go to Spain:
     - I've never been to Europe before.
     - My sister is on study abroad there this semester.
     - My parents are going in May so it just seems to make sense that I would go with them. Not to mention that if anything goes wrong (with the pregnancy) my mom's an OB/GYN so it'll be like I'm traveling with my own personal doctor. 
     - My husband has no interest in traveling to Europe, so I can easily go without him (in May) since I'll be with my family.
     - I can stay with my parents in their time share - for free!.
     - Who knows if we'll be able to afford a trip to Europe once our family starts growing.
For those reasons I feel like I'm not completely crazy for wanting (and planning) to go to Europe at 33 weeks pregnant. Here's to hoping my passport gets processed without any problems.

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3) Last weekend I went to target to pick up a few things and as I passed by the cereal aisle I just had to look and see if any cereals I liked were on sale (I always do this). It turns out that Cinnamon Toast Crunch was on sale - 2/$5. Is that a good deal? As far as I'm concerned it's pretty good, so I put 3 boxes in my cart. This was a bad idea. Nay, this was a terrible idea. Not because Cinnamon Toast Crunch is bad, but because it's sooo good. I've already managed to put away nearly 2 boxes of the stuff. Umm, did I actually just admit that? Yea... I guess we all know where the one pound of pregnancy weight I'm supposed to gain this week is coming from!

4) Am I crazy for buying 3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch simply so I could show those marketeers at Target that I know they're trying to get me to buy 2 boxes of cereal when they list the sale as "2/$5"? No. They can't fool me. I know that each box only costs $2.50 and that I could just buy one box of cereal and still get the sale. That's why I bought three boxes, you see? I bought an odd number of boxes to show them I know their little tricks. They can't fool me.

5) At eucharistic adoration on Tuesday I spent some time praying the sorrowful mysteries. I generally try to pray a rosary during my holy hour but for some reason I had a really hard time meditating/concentrating on each mystery this time. During my horribly distracted prayer (as well as after my hour was over) I pondered if I was having trouble meditating on the sorrowful mysteries because I was in such a good mood. Is this possible? It seems to me that my mood shouldn't affect my ability to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary, but I'm not quite sure how to move beyond this. Perhaps I just need a meditation guide (similar to the one I linked to above) to help keep me mentally on track. Has anyone else had trouble with this? Do you have any suggestions for how to stay focused?

6) My husband and I started sleeping with a humidifier in our room. I got the idea from my mom. I asked her how I could curb my nightly nosebleeds which were clogging my sinuses and making it difficult to breathe at night. Apparently, both pregnancy and the cold, dry weather were contributing to the nosebleeds. The humidifier has been awesome! It only helped a little the first night, but after that I haven't had a single nosebleed. I've also noticed that my legs aren't itchy when I go to bed. This has also been awesome because before using the humidifier I was having to put lotion on my legs before I went to bed every nigh, and even that didn't always stop the itching. Thank goodness for humidifiers, and thank goodness they're much more affordable than dehumidifiers!

7) My friend, Megan, posted this as her Facebook status on Monday. It was my favorite status of the week. I love the office and think this clip is particularly hilarious. I'm not sure if Megan posted this because her Monday got off to a rough start, or simply because she loves to watch The Office...

‎"i don't have a headache. i'm just preparing."


Once you're finished laughing at that clip you can go check out Megan's blog, Crooked Seams:)


Megan said...

Hahahaha, thanks for the shout-out! This whole week's been off. the. hook. at work. I sing that song to myself a lot of days. Some days I'm Kelly, other days I'm Angela. On Monday, I was definitely Angela. About mid-week, I decided it was time for an attitude adjustment, or else I'd never make it. So today, I'm Kelly.

Alyse said...

Me encanta el numero dos! Tengo mucho emocionado para tu viaje de Espana!! =)