Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A few years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to cook fish. I wasn't picky, any kind of fish would do. I just wanted to be able to cook something other than chicken, beef and pork. So, I started asking some friends and co-workers if they knew how to cook fish, and if so how they cooked it. I got lots of different answers. It seems that many people grill their fish - either on a regular grill or on a George Foreman grill. I didn't have either of these, so eventually I just decided I would buy fish and try to cook it. I'd throw some spices on it and hope it turned out well. 

I love salmon and had heard it is super easy to cook, so that's what I attempted first (and I've only tried one other kind of fish since!). The salmon I bought came frozen and, luckily, had a pretty simple recipe on the side. I decided to give this recipe a shot. It turned out really well, and I've used that approximate recipe ever since.
I don't remember exactly which package this recipe came from so I'm sorry to say I can't give an exact reference for the recipe, but here's the recipe I use when I cook salmon:
cayenne pepper
brown sugar
teriyaki sauce (or marinade)
Recipe (with pictures!)
Before I start in on the whole process I'll just note that I prefer to line whatever pan I'm using to cook the fish in with foil. It makes for much easier cleanup.

1) Sprinkle salt and cayenne pepper over salmon to taste. (I've recently started using more and more cayenne pepper because it gives it a nice kick.)

2) Pack salmon in brown sugar. 
Note: I used to take the time to pack the sides in brown sugar as well, but as you'll see in step 3 - it all sort of melts off anyway so you don't need to waste your time worrying about the sides :)

3) Coat salmon with teriyaki sauce.

4) Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 mins (depending on the thickness of the salmon). You'll know it's done when the fish flakes easily.

 When I serve the salmon my husband prefers just the salmon while I prefer to drizzle the sauce in the bottom of the pan over my salmon and make a nice puddle on my plate. It's delicious either way.


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