Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 9)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 121)

1) The baby's room has been painted! That means I can get started putting together the crib and changing table (no dresser yet). I can also start getting the closet organized. I'm debating whether I want to install shelves in the closet because I've heard shelves are much more helpful in a nursery than the typical 1 clothing rod with a shelf above it which is what we have in there now. 

2) Since giving up TV for lent I've become much more addicted to reading blogs (mostly Catholic blogs). I can't decide whether this is a good or bad thing. I mean I find these blogs to be inspirational and help me grow in my faith. But, to some degree I think I need to spend more time putting some of the thoughts/suggestions I read about into action. And at what point does it count as an addiction?

3) fat free cream cheese < reduced fat cream cheese < regular cream cheese. I won't make this mistake again. Enough said.

4) I finished reading "Legacy: A Father's Handbook for Raising Godly Children" by Stephen Wood a couple days ago. Yes, I do realize the book was written for dads. But after Will read it he wanted me to read it so we could discuss, etc. I must say that even though it wasn't written for women in particular I think it was helpful for me understanding how Will's and my roles as parents are connected and complement one another. I also like the fact that I now have a good idea of what I can expect from Will as a father - or maybe, it's the other way around. Either way, this is definitely a good book and worth reading.

5) I had big plans to knit in all the extra free time I'd have during lent from not watching TV. Somehow I have yet to pick up the blanket I'm knitting. I'm not quite sure how that has happened, but I'm hoping to change that trend this week.

6) Happy Feast of the Annunciation! 

7) My favorite Facebook status of the week goes to one of my former advisees, Maia. This status struck a chord with me. It made me smile and think about this recent post. Here's what Maia had to say:
"I hate cleaning my bathroom but Lysol 4-in-1 is the greatest product ever...this is the most random status lol"


Julia Romeiser said...

I want to see before and after shots of the nursery!!!

Betsy said...

Sadly, I completely forgot to take true "before" pictures of the nursery (before it was painted). But, I did just take some of the bare room today and will post "after" pictures once the nursery is put together.

Aimee said...

Found you through the "quick takes" network -- I love to hear about people getting ready for new babies. We are about seven weeks away from welcoming our sixth and I have yet to get anything ready! I like to live vicariously through more organized people. ;)