Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glazed Carrots

My husband loves carrots. He eats them nearly every day for lunch and whenever I say I'm hungry but don't know what to eat (you know that feeling, right?) he always suggests carrots. They're his go-to snack, so he doesn't see why they wouldn't be my go-to snack as well.
It's not that I don't like carrots, but I have to be in the mood for them in order to eat them. And I must say - I'm more frequently in the mood for cooked carrots (especially when they're glazed!) than I am for raw carrots. Regardless, we pretty much always have a nice stock of baby carrots in the house.
This plentiful stock of carrots came in handy this past weekend when we needed to bring a side dish to our young adult group's "belated St. Patrick's Day lunch." I had lots of carrots and have always wanted to try making glazed carrots - this made choosing which side dish to bring much easier. Glazed carrots it would be!

I looked up several different recipes for glazed carrots in my various cookbooks, but so many of them seemed so complicated. Aren't glazed carrots supposed to simply be sugar coated carrots?? It didn't make much sense to me why you would need so many ingredients to make glazed carrots. Finally I came across this simple recipe. Ahh, I love how nearly everything I have physically in my cookbooks is also online :)

I doubled the recipe, so I used 1.5 lbs of carrots (my cookbook calls for 3/4 lb of carrots instead of 1lb). I also used Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter because I have a friend who is allergic to all dairy, so I wanted to make sure she was able to eat these. The olive oil worked just fine.

olive oil + brown sugar + dash of salt
I don't really worry about measuring for recipes like this, so all of the ingredients above were "eyeballed."

glazed carrots
If I had known that making glazed carrots was this easy I'm sure I would have been making them for years now. This will definitely become one of my "go-to" side dishes for potlucks and get togethers!

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