Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm going to war... my kitchen. Again. Remember when I thought I had my ant problem solved? Yea - thought would be the key word there. This past week they've started mosey-ing their way back into my kitchen. My "wall-o-cinnamon" doesn't seem to work on them anymore. They've learned how to go around it by walking on the wall instead...and a few of them don't even care about the cinnamon - they just walk right over the cinnamon!

I was killing ants daily for a while before Will and I decided we needed a more permanent solution than me standing by the sink squishing ants several times a day. We decided to try ant baits. I had actually bought some last fall when the ants were out in full force, but before I discovered the cinnamon trick. So, we decided to put the ant baits out. Now I'm constantly having this dilemma: do I kill the ants or let them be hoping they've a) taken some of the bait and b) are on their way back to the nest. It's driving me a little crazy just letting the little boogers walk all over my kitchen - although they do stay mostly by the sink. They particularly like our sponges...even when they're brand new - can anyone explain that one to me? Anyway, now I feel compelled to clean the counters any time I want to use them because who knows if they've spread the poison (and who knows what else) all over our counters.

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to tolerate giving them free reign. I haven't actually seen a single ant go into or out of either of the baits, but Will assures me we need to give it a few days to take effect. Deep breath. If this doesn't work what am I going to do? Simply squish ants for the rest of my life?

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Anonymous said...

I had a problem with ants...and other creepy crawlies... in my DC apt. The hardware store suggested powdered boric acid. I literally put it in every corner. Seemed to work?