Sunday, June 5, 2011

At long last...

After many days of searching. After many days of me asking my husband if he knew where they were, and him consistently replying that he, in fact, did not know where they were. After lots of thought and searching through every room in our house multiple times. I finally decided to do a "thorough search" through the house going room by room, drawer by drawer, cushion by cushion until I found them.
I searched the den. Nothing.
I searched the kitchen. Nothing.
And then....I searched the dining room. It is here that I found them.

My scissors! My mind is now at ease. I knew they had to be somewhere. Who knew "somewhere" would be on the dining room table between the diaper bag and a basket full of baby toys?
Now I can go clip those coupons that have just been waiting to be clipped. Now my week can go on without that nagging thought - where could they possibly be!? - constantly running through my head. Now I can stop asking my husband if he knows where they are. Now I can get a move on preparing for baby Joseph's arrival.

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