Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 34)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 161)

1) Yesterday morning when I went to get Joseph he was sitting in his crib. Sitting. In his crib. We've reached a new milestone, people. Next up - pulling up to a stand on the crib...then jumping will be sortly after that I'm sure.

2)Speaking of pulling to a stand on the crib - Joseph has been pulling up on everything he can lately. Let's go through the list: Mom and dad (including mom's stomach and legs while I'm laying down)? Check. Joseph's old bouncy seat that he rarely plays with anymore? Check. The laundry basket? Check. The dishwasher? Check. The toy box? Check. 
That's the complete list of items he's been successful with. It certainly doesn't list any of the items he's been working on (of which there are many).

3) The March for Life is this Monday. Will you be there? Will and I plan on heading to Germantown in the morning then going into DC for the rally. Unfortunately, we won't be able to stay for the actual "march" because I have to teach CCD at 4:30, so I'll need to be back in time for that. And, I'm not sure how Joseph is going to do with being in the cold for such a long time.

4) I broke down and bought a Swiffer duster this week. I finally decided it was worth purchasing even if only to dust the blinds. It seems to work fairly well, but I do feel kind of bad for buying a disposable duster. Oh well. Life goes on, I suppose.

5) Joseph is doing so well with eating solids, but the past few days he's started to take a bite then immediately stick his entire hand in his mouth and just mush the food around getting food everywhere. I can't figure out why his hand has to go into his mouth the second I take the spoon out. Does he need to make sure the food is still there? Is he interested in feeling the texture of the food? Is it that he just enjoys putting his hands in his mouth? He'll tolerate my husband or I holding his hand down for most of the meal, but by the end he's fighting to get it in there by moving his face toward his hand and hitting my/my husband's hand in the process. Has anyone had this happen to them? Is there a way to discourage him from doing this? It creates quite a mess and wastes quite a bit of his food.

6) Joseph has been quite entertained by his cloth diapers this week. I guess there's an upside to me not stuffing his diapers right away. He enjoys pulling the laundry basket over then pulling out the diapers and stuffing his face into the pile. He also enjoys scooting himself into the tipped over laundry basket. It provides hours of entertainment, so I just help the process right along by putting the diapers back in every once in a while so he can begin the process all over.

7) Taking Joseph to the grocery store nowadays is so much easier. He's to the point where he's good enough at sitting that I can just sit him inthe cart instead of having to lug in his entire car seat (or wear him with the Ergo). Not only do I have more space in the cart for groceries, but he's also able to see a lot better so he doesn't get nearly as fussy/impatient.
Confession: I bought one of those "cart covers" for Joseph. I felt a little nerdy using it, but I kind of love it. I got it at Ross for really cheap, so it wasn't as much of a waste of money :) I'm particularly looking forward to being able to cover all those gross high chairs when we take him out to restaurants.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'll never forget the first time I went to get my son out of his crib and he was sitting up. I was shocked! And then a little sad - the time has flown by since then - my son is 9 and now I'm shocked if he's awake in the mornings! :)

And you aren't a nerd for having one of those cart covers. Carts are dirty and babies like to lean over and chew on the handle. Now he will be chewing on the cover and not someone else's dirt!

Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

I love the pictures of Joseph. He's such a cutie.

Stacy said...

Hey Betsy, I hate to hi-jack your blog, but I couldn't find a way to email you... and I can't find how we originally communicated (I'm a mess!). I wanted to remind you that you are guest posting for my A Day in the Life series on Sunday the 5th. If there is any way you can have it to me by Friday, that would be awesome (I'll be at my bridal shower Saturday, but can find a way to get it done if you are running behind :). Let me know if you have any questions... or if I'm totally crazy and have it wrong that you are guest posting for me!