Monday, January 9, 2012

There's Nothing Cuter Than a Couple of Babies

I love pictures of babies interacting with one another. Multiple babies in one picture often makes for some serious cuteness. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate my point.

These first few are of Joseph interacting with his cousins over Christmas.
Joseph and cousin Adam
Ok, so maybe this particular picture isn't of two babies, but a baby and a toddler is also cute. Adam was so good about sharing with Joseph :)

Joseph isn't quite sure what to make of Clare taking his football.... he tries to take it back.
Clare crawled circles around Joseph while he sat watching her. He desperately wanted to be able to follow her, but like I said before (see #2) he isn't too interested in crawling. He'd much rather figure out the whole walking thing (well, standing then walking).

This next series of pictures was taken at our last mom's group.

Sera sees that Joseph is having fun banging on the piano... she decides she's going to join in. Joseph isn't exactly sure what to make of this.
Yes. That's better. You stand and just watch me play on the piano.
But, Sera really wants to join in on the fun...
...and so she does.
Eventually they work out this agreement.
Yay! We can both play together!

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